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701 SE 32nd Court

Suite 201 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33316

P. O. Box 22490

Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33335

Phone:  954-527-9939

Fax:  954-764-4569

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8:00am - 5:00pm 

24 Hour Emergency Response

Pumps, Hoses and Skimmers

Double Diaphragm Pump 1" Al.
Double Diaphragm Pump 2" Al.
Double Diaphragm Pump 3" Al.
Double Diaphragm Pump 3” Stainless Steel
Trash Pump 2" Gas
Trash Pump 3" Gas
Trash Pump 2" Diesel
Trash Pump 3" Diesel
Trash Pump 4" Diesel
4” Roper Pump (diesel powered)
4” Sludge Master Poppet Pump (w/hydraulic power pack)
3” Roper Pump (hydraulic powered)
4x6 Centrifugal Pump (hydraulic powered)

Suction Hose 2"
Suction Hose 3"
Suction Hose 4"
Air Hose ¾”
Air Hose 1½”
Copus Fan Blower Hose 18” (Per 25’ section)
Blower Hose 8”
Blower Hose 12”
Flex Hose “Roll of 200 feet”

Slick Bar Skimmer Head
Skim Pack Skimmer Head
Butterworth Head (Gama-Jet IX 6 gpm) 2” acess
Butterworth Head (Gama-Jet V 29 gpm) 3” acess
Butterworth Head (Gama-Jet IV 84 gpm) 6” acess
2” Drum Vacuum Head
Hydraulic 3” Screw Pump Head
Hydraulic Submersible Pump Head (3”)
Hydraulic Lightering Pump Head (4”)
Hydraulic Dredge Pump Head (4”) Submerged oil recovery
Hydraulic Power Pack
Walsop Ocean Skimmer System w/power unit
Drum Type Skimmer System (70 gpm 36” drum)
Brush Type Skimmer System (Slick bar MM-12)
Diesel Powered Portable Vacuum Skimming System