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Phone:  954-527-9939

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State of Florida Emergency Response Contractor

24 Hour Emergency Number:  954-527-9939

 Since 2006 Everglades Waste Removal Services, LLC. has provided industrial maintenance and environmental services throughout Florida.  Our customers include various commercial clients, counties and municipalities, governmental agencies, the Navy and Coast Guard, the marine industry, the petroleum industry, power and water treatment utilities, airports and seaports. Our broad range of services allow us to complete all phases of any complex industrial maintenance or environmental project.  In addition, our wetland restoration division is fully-equipped for excavation, land clearing and hauling, as well as designing and constructing beautiful and functional native marsh habitats. At EGWRS, you will find a dedicated team of experienced project managers, professional drivers and highly trained staff who are qualified and ready to accomplish the most challenging tasks and projects.

Our Scope of Services

Industrial Maintenance 

  • Vacuum Truck Service 
  • Industrial Vactor/Jetting 
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Cleaning 
  • High Pressure/Low Pressure Water Blasting 
  • Tank and Vessel Degreasing 
  • Sump, Catch Basin and Storm Water System Cleaning
  • Industrial Process Cleaning 
  • Temporary On-Site Storage 
  • Pumping Systems 
  • Gas Station Servicing
  • Fuel Polishing

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Emergency Response, Site Remediation and Related Chemical Services

  • Waterside Spill Response 

  • Landside Initial Remedial Action/Excavation (Liquids and Soils) 

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Report 

  • Lab Packing 

  • Facility Decontamination 

Civil, Environmental Construction and Demolition 

  • Marsh Mitigation 

  • Land Clearing and Site Development 

  • Installation of Drainage Systems
  • Demolition 
  • Curbing and Asphalt

Temporary Storage, Waste Transportation and Disposal 

  • Non-Regulated and Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal (Drum or Bulk) 

  • Waste Analysis, Profiling, Approval and Coordination 

  • Vacuum Boxes 

  • Roll Off Containers 

  • Temporary On-Site Storage Tanks (20,000 Gal.) 

  • Temporary On-Site Storage Tanks (10,000 Gal.)